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Announcing an Engagement

Nearly every day I visit my favorite social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my closest friends and family members, I enjoy keeping up with their lives online. Oftentimes, I see people announcing important events such as engagements on their social media pages and I just wish I could help them plan their receptions. Have you recently gotten engaged to your significant other? If you’re getting married, consider creating custom signs to put up around your wedding venue. These can be used to direct guests as well as share information about the night's events and food options. You will of course wish to create signs that reflect both of your personalities and the wedding theme. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for custom ordering unforgettable signs for large events.

Make A Canvas Banner To Advertise A School Bake Sale

If your child's school is holding a bake sale to raise funds, make a canvas banner to hang up in front of the tables that are being used to display the baked goods. The following steps will teach you how to make a banner that will attract attention and inform everyone about that items that are for sale and the prices being charged. Once the sale is over, the banner can be saved and used for a future event.


  • piece of canvas
  • measuring tape
  • fabric pen
  • fabric paint
  • foam letters
  • foil trays
  • stencils
  • paintbrush
  • sponge
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • scissors
  • self-adhesive trim
  • acrylic craft spray
  • small hammer
  • grommet kit
  • twine

Apply Lettering And Designs

Purchase a piece of canvas from a fabric supplier. Choose canvas that is a light color so that the paint colors contrast well and can easily be seen from a distance. Place the canvas on a flat surface. Use a measuring tape to assist with planning where the words and designs will be placed on the canvas. Mark these areas with a fabric pen. Pour each color of fabric paint into a foil tray. Consider using the school's colors to help the banner stand out.

Add words to the banner. To do this, dip foam letters into the paint and press them firmly against the areas that were marked with the fabric pen. Place stencils that depict designs in random areas on the canvas. Fill in the cut out areas on the stencils with a paintbrush that has been dipped into paint. If you would like to add texture to the banner, cut some small sponge shapes. Dip the shapes into the paint and press them firmly against the fabric.

Add Glitter And Trim

If you would like to enhance each painted letter, sprinkle glitter on the paint while it is still wet. After you have added the glitter, wait several hours for the paint to dry. Add self-adhesive trim to the edges of the banner to cover loose threads and give the banner a neat appearance. Measure the edges that you would like to cover. Cut pieces of trim that are the same length. Peel off the paper backing from the pieces and press them down firmly onto the fabric. Consider using trim that is a dark color so that it complements the color of the fabric. 

Apply Craft Spray And Hang The Sign

Spray an even layer of craft spray over the front of the banner. The spray will help preserve the freshly painted words and design. Wait several minutes for the spray to dry. Install holes in the top corners of the banner with a grommet kit. To do this, mark each section where you would like to place a hole. Line up the metal pieces in the kit so that one is resting underneath the first marked section and other one is resting on top.

The metal piece that is lined up underneath the burlap should have the prongs facing upwards and the metal piece that is being placed on top of the fabric should have the prongs facing downwards. Tap the top piece with a small hammer. The prongs will create a hole in the fabric. Place a hole in the other marked corner in the same manner. Cut a couple pieces of twine. Insert one through each hole and knot them both.

Tie the sign to a sturdy structure in front of the area where the bake sale is being held. People will stop by to read the sign and may decide to purchase some baked items. If you'd like a banner professionally made, visit Mission Signs.