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Announcing an Engagement

Nearly every day I visit my favorite social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my closest friends and family members, I enjoy keeping up with their lives online. Oftentimes, I see people announcing important events such as engagements on their social media pages and I just wish I could help them plan their receptions. Have you recently gotten engaged to your significant other? If you’re getting married, consider creating custom signs to put up around your wedding venue. These can be used to direct guests as well as share information about the night's events and food options. You will of course wish to create signs that reflect both of your personalities and the wedding theme. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for custom ordering unforgettable signs for large events.

5 Ways To Build Your Company Branding With Wall Graphics

Can wall graphics boost your business branding? These large, versatile signs can, in fact, serve as an important part of your marketing plan and help build your company culture. Here are a few ways to apply them in any business setting to grow your company's brand. 

1. Tell a Story

Use a series of wall graphics to tell a story to customers and/or employees. What story should you tell? You're only limited by your imagination. It might be the tale of a product's life cycle from research to market. Or you might tell an anecdote that expresses your company philosophy. It could even just show the local area's growth over the years. This story tells people who your company is and how it thinks. 

2. Select Meaningful Quotes

Quotes are an easy use of wall graphics, particularly if you don't feel very imaginative. The quote could be from a famous individual or a founding company member. It could even be quotes from your customers after using your products. Use short and simple quotes in high-traffic areas or longer ones in spaces where customers and employees wait or linger. Whatever you choose, use it to help people understand your company culture. 

3. Show Your History

Can you show your company's personal history through graphics? Historical photos of products, locations, early staff, and equipment are interesting for many people, and they highlight the strength and longevity of your business. You could show the company's new products over time or its physical location changes. Small businesses often like to include personal stories of the founders and their inspiration to start the business. 

4. Embed Your Brand

Another simple use of graphics is to make the actual brand more visible. The logo, color scheme, font, icons, shapes, and trademarks can be placed anywhere on your site. Add the logo to your reception area, conference rooms, or offices. Hang up the company motto along a well-used hallway. Use graphics to add company colors to rooms you can't redecorate. It's a quick and easy branding jump start. 

5. Highlight Your Employees

Finally, why not use graphics to highlight your employees? These valuable members of the company will feel appreciated, and your customers can get to know the faces they see. Use employees as fun parts of other graphics, such as holding directional signs, or tell a little bit about them. Not only will people get to know each other, but you can demonstrate the value you place on relationships and people. 

Where to Start

Could your company brand be grown through any of these clever wall graphic ideas? Then get started by meeting with a sign company that specializes in wall graphics today. Your small business will be stronger for it.