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Announcing an Engagement

Nearly every day I visit my favorite social media outlets. Because I live a long distance from my closest friends and family members, I enjoy keeping up with their lives online. Oftentimes, I see people announcing important events such as engagements on their social media pages and I just wish I could help them plan their receptions. Have you recently gotten engaged to your significant other? If you’re getting married, consider creating custom signs to put up around your wedding venue. These can be used to direct guests as well as share information about the night's events and food options. You will of course wish to create signs that reflect both of your personalities and the wedding theme. On this blog, I hope you will discover tips for custom ordering unforgettable signs for large events.

An Electric Sign Gets Your Store Noticed

Your business needs a variety of signs so that customers can find your store. Signs are informational, and they also add to the décor. Electric signs, for instance, add a bright color to your building at night while acting as a beacon, drawing customers to your location. Keep reading for more information about why electric signs are a good choice for your store.

Electric Signs Can Be Seen Far Away

There are different options in electric signs. You could have your store name in large letters lit up by bold colors that allow drivers to see your store from the road. A non-electric sign would be swallowed up by darkness a short distance from your store. If your company has a recognizable logo, you can use an electric pole-mount sign in the shape of your logo so that your location can be seen from an interstate at night when your building is shrouded by trees or blocked by other buildings.

LED Lights Make Signs Affordable And Versatile

Electric signs have ongoing costs since they use electricity, but one way to manage the cost is to use LED lighting. Electric LED signs allow you to create digital text that scrolls across storefront or monument signs. This gives you the ability to announce specials and sales to customers to entice them to visit your store. LED signs use technology that allows them to be visible during the day and at night.

The Right Sign Design Can Bring More Business

An electric sign is a permanent fixture on your building or property. It's a worthwhile investment because of the customers it draws to your location. However, the right light design can make all the difference in the appearance of your store and how easily the sign can be read. Getting an electric sign is more complex than getting one that doesn't need electricity. 

The sign looks different at different times of day, so you want it to be clearly visible and attractive. You may have company colors you want to use on your signs, but if not, then something as simple as picking the right color can improve results when it comes to advertising. You may want to hire a sign designer to help with your sign from a marketing perspective, so it draws attention and interest from people on the road.

A sign company like Central Signs can help you choose the best sign for your building and location and then install it according to electrical codes, so it performs well in all kinds of weather for years to come.